About Us


Our company is a hi-tech travel technology company that has undergone splendid growth over past decades. We have strong domain expertise in airline and travel industry with global content aggregation. We serve Airlines, OTA’s, Travel Agencies/Consolidators, Loyalty Companies and Insurance Companies. We own a team of 100+ skilled professionals with expert knowledge in tours and travel business. The travel corporation is IATA certified and it focuses on bringing automated solutions to clients. Founded in the year 2003, we have diversified product range.


We offer an effective platform that serves unused ticket audit and refund service. It helps various entities in getting unused air ticket compensations from their past itineraries in very less time. Being a leading organization in travel audits, we have conducted numerous ticket audits globally. Our widespread reach in air ticketing industry favors our clients in retrieving their money back from airlines from anywhere. As an integral part to our ticket auditing services, we can also process your refunds on your behalf. The adoption of well-defined terminology empowers our clients’ experience and provide a simplified way to get refunds for unused airline tickets. We bring you a powerful solution that works under the supervision of advanced audit professionals. They offer you the expert guidance on any query related to ticket auditing, tax claims etc. We follow the customer-centric approach that involves round the clock services along with custom reporting.


We are endeavored to help travel companies to follow the inventive approach in their core businesses. They can now manage all their travel expenditures at ease. Our auditing services alleviate the risk of unwanted money loss to airlines and ultimately cuts the travel cost. We guarantee the right solutions for your problem. With our travel audit service, you can easily track the compensation details of unused airline tickets so as to claim refunds for the same.